Like Before releases “Can’t Break the Oath”

Like Before released their second EP over the weekend on October 2nd. The three-track EP follows the 2020 collection, Right Where You Should Be. Like Before is a rock band from OKC. Formed in 2019 by Zach Robertson, Alex Nemec, Turner Allen, and Brad Henderson, the group pulls inspiration from the Foo Fighters and LedContinue reading “Like Before releases “Can’t Break the Oath””

Cavern Company releases breezy new hit, “Vermont”

Cavern Company never fails to release powerful and emotional bops, and their brand new single, “Vermont,” is no exception. The first official single of 2020 (their last being “Every Holiday” from 2019), “Vermont” brings Cavern Company out of their break with an impressive zeal. Known for their ability to turn a song into both anContinue reading “Cavern Company releases breezy new hit, “Vermont””

Kodos releases brand new album early

According to promotions, Kodos was supposed to release the brand new album, Just Another Memory, on Friday, October 30th. However, on this cold morning, we wake to find the album available on all music streaming sites. Today’s surprise drop wasn’t the first time the album refused to adhere to the schedule. Originally, Just Another MemoryContinue reading “Kodos releases brand new album early”

Brand new from Diva: “Love at Last?”

On Saturday, October 24th, Norman band Diva released their latest single, “Love at Last?” The song is the fourth scheduled release of 2020, following the September single, “Amina.” Their first EP came out in February of this year, ushering in a new band to the Oklahoma music scene. Despite their newness, Diva has found themselvesContinue reading “Brand new from Diva: “Love at Last?””

The Long Con debuts with EP “Polarity”

Released Friday, October 16th, Polarity is The Long Con’s official debut. The three-song collection features the entirety of the band’s released catalog. The band consists of Scott van Egmond (vocals/guitar), Ethan Carr (bass/vocals), Tyron Veeraprame (ukulele), and Andrew Kincaid (drums). Formed at the end of 2019 in Oklahoma City, the band has made it onContinue reading “The Long Con debuts with EP “Polarity””