Thru It All releases “Irrelevant”

Thru It All, a pop punk band from Oklahoma, has a new song out. Released on Nov. 12, “Irrelevant” is the title track of the band’s upcoming EP. Thru It All is fairly new to the scene. The band popped up back in July on social media with a series of posts showing off theirContinue reading “Thru It All releases “Irrelevant””

On Holiday’s latest EP, “2AM”

I might be late to the party with this one, but On Holiday released their latest EP 2AM on Nov. 5 – and it is a killer. The second collection of the year following Invasion, 2AM is a five-song piece featuring the same grimy, high-powered sound of their earlier works. Starting with “AUD” and endingContinue reading “On Holiday’s latest EP, “2AM””

The Danner Party questions the world with “So Fucking What?”

The Danner Party put out a new song on Oct. 30 called “So Fucking What?” Distributor issues kept the single from being available on all streaming sites until late last week, but it is now available everywhere. The song is acting as the leading single for the upcoming album, Camel Lion Child, which will beContinue reading “The Danner Party questions the world with “So Fucking What?””

Cavern Company Ends October with Crisp New Single, “Slapstick”

Cavern Company released a new single, “Slapstick,” on Friday, Oct. 29. “Slapstick” is the first single released by the band in 2021. It’s the third in a chain of loose songs put out by the band after their 2019 EP, So This Is Happiness. “Slapstick” comes to us exactly one year after Cavern Company releasedContinue reading “Cavern Company Ends October with Crisp New Single, “Slapstick””

Stepmom Releases Fierce New Single, “Damage Control”

stepmom has a new single out today, October 15th, called “Damage Control.” The first single released since the band’s 2020 self-titled album, the song is accompanied by a brand new music video in stop motion animation. Tracked by Alex Larrea, mixed by Chris Self, and mastered by Adam Chamberlain, “Damage Control” is a powerful socialContinue reading “Stepmom Releases Fierce New Single, “Damage Control””