On Holiday’s latest EP, “2AM”

I might be late to the party with this one, but On Holiday released their latest EP 2AM on Nov. 5 – and it is a killer.

The second collection of the year following Invasion, 2AM is a five-song piece featuring the same grimy, high-powered sound of their earlier works. Starting with “AUD” and ending with “Coffee Song,” the EP stands at just shy of eleven minutes.

Released as a surprise, the band only started promoting the 2AM in October. There were no singles released ahead. They celebrated with a release show, as is their custom, and you can check out pictures below:

Listening to the EP from start to finish is enough to get your heart rate up. It feels like downing a large coffee; your eyes are wide, your fingers are tapping, and your legs are shaking. The songs are definitely an ode to an all-nighter, leaving the feeling of being wide awake at 2AM buzzing through your body.

On Holiday has always been great when it comes to putting out songs that get you moving; it might not be dance music, but it’s definitely head-banging, pit music. The gritty vocals paired with the grungy melodies are reminiscent of a stereotypical garage band but with a fun energy that makes you want to jump along.

You can follow On Holiday on all social media and music streaming sites. Listen to their EP below:

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