Thru It All releases “Irrelevant”

Thru It All, a pop punk band from Oklahoma, has a new song out. Released on Nov. 12, “Irrelevant” is the title track of the band’s upcoming EP. Thru It All is fairly new to the scene. The band popped up back in July on social media with a series of posts showing off theirContinue reading “Thru It All releases “Irrelevant””

On Holiday’s latest EP, “2AM”

I might be late to the party with this one, but On Holiday released their latest EP 2AM on Nov. 5 – and it is a killer. The second collection of the year following Invasion, 2AM is a five-song piece featuring the same grimy, high-powered sound of their earlier works. Starting with “AUD” and endingContinue reading “On Holiday’s latest EP, “2AM””

All for More releases new single, “Ocean in You”

All for More released their latest single, “Ocean in You,” today, November 21st. Their second single of 2020, “Ocean in You” introduces a slightly different sound for the band. Fervid and insistent, the song has no shortage of allusions — and outright references — to drowning; the track dowses the listener in a desperate andContinue reading “All for More releases new single, “Ocean in You””

Brand new from Diva: “Love at Last?”

On Saturday, October 24th, Norman band Diva released their latest single, “Love at Last?” The song is the fourth scheduled release of 2020, following the September single, “Amina.” Their first EP came out in February of this year, ushering in a new band to the Oklahoma music scene. Despite their newness, Diva has found themselvesContinue reading “Brand new from Diva: “Love at Last?””

Catch up with The Danner Party’s latest album: “Ex Nihilo”

The Danner Party released their first collection of songs since 2016 on July 17. The album, Ex Nihilo, contains fifteen songs and includes the two singles, “Don’t Wait Up” and “Ego Death Rattle.” The Danner Party consists of Pete Hess (guitar and vocals), Zakk Foster (guitar), Ben McCulloch (bass), and Charlie Williams (drums). So far,Continue reading “Catch up with The Danner Party’s latest album: “Ex Nihilo””