On Holiday’s latest EP, “2AM”

I might be late to the party with this one, but On Holiday released their latest EP 2AM on Nov. 5 – and it is a killer. The second collection of the year following Invasion, 2AM is a five-song piece featuring the same grimy, high-powered sound of their earlier works. Starting with “AUD” and endingContinue reading “On Holiday’s latest EP, “2AM””

Like Before releases “Can’t Break the Oath”

Like Before released their second EP over the weekend on October 2nd. The three-track EP follows the 2020 collection, Right Where You Should Be. Like Before is a rock band from OKC. Formed in 2019 by Zach Robertson, Alex Nemec, Turner Allen, and Brad Henderson, the group pulls inspiration from the Foo Fighters and LedContinue reading “Like Before releases “Can’t Break the Oath””

Fall Favorites: Best of Fall 2019

Fall 2019 has been pretty productive for some of our favorite Oklahoma musicians. Here are some of the best releases of the season: September (After 22nd) Lookouts debuted Can You Take it All Away? on September 25. Two songs make the short collection, but it was enough to introduce the world to Lookouts. October MantaContinue reading “Fall Favorites: Best of Fall 2019”

Husbands Release Ode to a Puerto Rican Vacation, “Culebra”

Husbands, an OKC band that self-describes themselves as a “fuzzy pop band that triangulates krautrock, garage, and surf pop harmonies” are releasing their latest single, “Culebra” on November 26. With a catchy hook and a peppy sound, “Culebra” documents vacationing in Puerto Rico while engaging in deep, serious thoughts on death. A buzzing beat pairsContinue reading “Husbands Release Ode to a Puerto Rican Vacation, “Culebra””

Foxburrows Releases New Single “Shedding Season”

OKC-based band, Foxburrows, is set to release their newest single, “Shedding Season,” tomorrow, September 13 – proving that not all Friday the 13ths are bad. “Shedding Season” is the first of four coming from Foxburrows over the next few months. Three more will follow as they release their newest EP in a series of singles.Continue reading “Foxburrows Releases New Single “Shedding Season””