Fall Favorites: Best of Fall 2019

Fall 2019 has been pretty productive for some of our favorite Oklahoma musicians. Here are some of the best releases of the season:

September (After 22nd)

  • Lookouts debuted Can You Take it All Away? on September 25. Two songs make the short collection, but it was enough to introduce the world to Lookouts.


  • Manta Rays began the spooky month with their debut album, Dust, on October 1. The ten-song collection was well-received by their fans, and many of the tracks were played at live shortly after the release.
  • Cliffdiver’s first single off of their second EP, “Cameron Diaz,” came out on October 4. The Alternative first premiered the song three days in advance, hyping Cliffdiver fans everywhere. The track later received its own music video on October 25.
  • OKC hip-hop artist, The True CW, released his single “A Night Out” on October 10.
  • Mad Honey gave us their gorgeous collection, Theories, on October 11. Theories was hit with a swarm of attention, beginning with coverage from Oksessions and ending with a high concentration of listeners in Japan.
  • Lilac Kings put out “Illuminate” on October 18. The single is the first since Goodnight at the beginning of the year, and it shows the band’s sheer talent is still going strong.
  • Hookup gave us “Wasted” on October 18. The band released the single only a couple of months after “In the Morning” and has since been hinting at a larger collection coming soon.
  • Lookouts released their third song, “The Hangman and the Hound Dog,” on October 20 only a few weeks after their debut. Despite being a side project for its members, the band had a strong start in 2019 and shows great potential.
  • Tribesmen put out their EP, I’ve Got Many More Stories For You…, on October 23.
  • Schat and the Skeleton Trees shared their very first single, “There’s Nowhere to Go,” on October 24.
  • Cicadia’s first EP, Exuviate, made all of our favorites list on October 24. In spite of the band’s rocky beginnings, they were still able to pull together to create Exuviate and to share their message with fans everywhere.
  • SATURN released their latest single, “Heaven Help,” on October 25 along with an accompanying lyric video and a live performance with Mental Media. “Heaven Help” was first premiered by OkSessions, and it is the first of an ongoing episodic album. SATURN will be releasing every track from the upcoming album separately in sequence throughout 2020. Each song will have its own video content and creative collaborations.
  • The Ivy released their single. “Give Me A Try,” on October 25.
  • Laur released “Blind Eyes” on October 25
  • Lately. released “Don’t Really Care” on October 25.
  • Burl handed out a special Halloween treat in the form of new music. Two songs, “Taking the Heat” and “Everything You Ever Ate,” were released and discussed in an interview with Lovers Spit Magazine.


  • Cliffdiver began the month of November with their second single, “Are You Still Seeing, Graig, the Orthodontist?”off of their EP, At Your Own Risk on November 1. The song was bumped to premier punk playlist on Spotify almost immediately.
  • Cliffdiver‘s second EP, At Your Own Risk, came out on November 8. They celebrated with a release show at the Vanguard on November 16 where they filmed a live music video for the closing song, “Lost in Ikea.”
  • The Others Like Us teased their new album with the release of their single, “I Wore Holes in the Corgi Socks You Gave Me,” on November 16.
  • Cavern Company put us in the holiday spirit with their single, “Every Holiday,” on November 25.
  • Husbands made us long for exotic vacations with their single, “Culebra,” on November 26.


  • Miss Fortune put out their latest single, “Hearts on Fire,” on December 5.
  • The Others Like Us released their album, And I’m Sorry, on December 8.
  • Ben Quad made a split with Sweet Peach, releasing it in December 14 The two featured songs by the band brings number of their recorded (and available to stream) tracks up to six – seven, if the acoustic version of “Too Bad That Didn’t Kill Me” counts.
  • Mastaba debuted their single, “Shallow Wallet,” on December 14.

Do you have a Fall favorite that didn’t make it on the list? Let us know!