Foxburrows Releases New Single “Shedding Season”

OKC-based band, Foxburrows, is set to release their newest single, “Shedding Season,” tomorrow, September 13 – proving that not all Friday the 13ths are bad.

“Shedding Season” is the first of four coming from Foxburrows over the next few months. Three more will follow as they release their newest EP in a series of singles.

The song itself is the embodiment of melancholy. With liquid music, notes slipping over blue lyrics, and crooning vocals, the band achieves a sound that is purely sentimental. Every moment of it seems to bathe the listener in emotions, good and bad.

The title, “Shedding Season,” gives the theme away. The song seems to speak of the hardships of change, but there’s also a glimmer of hope that sparkles at the end. It paints a picture of both an end and a beginning.

Every moment of this song is brimming with emotion and imagery. Listening to it is like allowing yourself to feel – and it’s a good thing.

Foxburrows will be celebrating their new single at the Local Tap event on Saturday (September 14) at The Jones Assembly. They also will be performing at Plaza Fest on September 28 and at a Halloween show at Vanessa House Beer Co. on October 26.

Check out the new song when it comes out tomorrow, and be sure to follow Foxburrows on all social media and music streaming sites.

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