Like Before releases “Can’t Break the Oath”

Like Before released their second EP over the weekend on October 2nd. The three-track EP follows the 2020 collection, Right Where You Should Be.

Like Before is a rock band from OKC. Formed in 2019 by Zach Robertson, Alex Nemec, Turner Allen, and Brad Henderson, the group pulls inspiration from the Foo Fighters and Led Zeppelin. Their debut EP, Right Where You Should Be, introduced them officially to the scene mid-pandemic in September 2020. Now, a year later, the band is a full-fledged member of the OKC rock community and ready for their sophomore collection.

Like Before’s Can’t Break the Oath entered the music world on October 2nd and was celebrated by a concert that night at Blue Note in OKC. Sabertooth and The 119’s performed with them. You can check out pictures from the show on their Instagram.

Can’t Break the Oath features three songs: “Time,” “Solitude,” and “Game You Play.” All of the tracks run around five minutes with instrumental solos bringing heavy feelings. They question and plead, running out the clock, mimicking a circle of unwanted decisions.

Beginning with “Time,” the song is a rock ballad questioning everything. Lyrics mentioning politics, religion, and more are powered by the clashing melody.

“Solitude” follows at track number two. Beginning subdued, the song speaks of anger and misery. It builds to a peak around 1:40 before falling again. In fact, several build ups occur, breaking down and then climbing again, the music covering all bases. The main claim to the song is a resounding cry of not needing help and being better alone. The lyrics beg for solitude even as the music calls for attention.

“Game You Play” ends the three-track list as an ode to a life unexpected and not particularly wanted. General disdain drips from the lyrics as the music slips into a typical rock piece –complete with a repeating “hey!” over a long guitar solo. Ending with a plead to be left alone, the song pays homage to the title by begging for a release from the game played.

You can listen to the EP below and form your own opinions. Be sure to follow Like Before on all social media and music streaming sites.

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