“I Want You” according to The Odyssey

Today, August 21, The Odyssey’s single, “I Want You,” became available for streaming everywhere. The first song released since last year’s “Fresh Air,” “I Want You” is the end of summer anthem you never knew you needed. With lyrics discussing an inner battle of wills, the frustrations of post-heartbreak, and a reluctance to love again,Continue reading ““I Want You” according to The Odyssey”

The Noise Estate Discusses New Music and Future Plans

The Noise Estate began in December 2017 and consists of Aaron Oxford (lead vocals), Jacob Richards (bass), Joshua Searan (rhythm guitar and vocals), and Mike Metcalf (lead guitar). (They are currently looking for a permanent drummer.) The Noise Estate currently has six songs in their recorded catalog – all of which fall within their firstContinue reading “The Noise Estate Discusses New Music and Future Plans”

Spotless Mind Discusses New Music and Their Future as a Band

I sat down with Jacob Bosch and Trent Smothermon of Spotless Mind to discuss their upcoming EP, Part-Time Burnout. Part-Time Burnout is their second EP of the year, following their February release, A Matter of Opinion. The collection keeps with the tradition of five songs and will mark a change for the band. This isContinue reading “Spotless Mind Discusses New Music and Their Future as a Band”

Hoarseman Talks “Notre Dame is Burning”

Not long after Annihilation hit the streets on May 10, Hoarseman began the countdown for his next collection, Notre Dame is Burning, releasing it on July 31. The speed at which he put out his third record (in not quite three months) was already impressive – then, not five minutes after he sat down toContinue reading “Hoarseman Talks “Notre Dame is Burning””

Introducing Tulsa’s Newest Band, Saturdaze

Tulsa has a new band hitting the city, and it’s one with familiar faces. The band, Saturdaze, has played several shows together already – both under this name and as backup for their front-man’s solo project. Saturdaze began in April of this year. Originally, they came together as backup for front-man Max Spear; however, afterContinue reading “Introducing Tulsa’s Newest Band, Saturdaze”