“I Want You” according to The Odyssey

Today, August 21, The Odyssey’s single, “I Want You,” became available for streaming everywhere.

The first song released since last year’s “Fresh Air,” “I Want You” is the end of summer anthem you never knew you needed. With lyrics discussing an inner battle of wills, the frustrations of post-heartbreak, and a reluctance to love again, and 70’s style rock melodies, the song is both relatable and fun. It’s not supposed to make you think. It’s just supposed to make you sing along, feeling the vibrations of the music reverberate as you turn it up in your car and shout the lyrics.

When discussing the single with the band earlier this week, the band claimed this single as the mark of a new stage in their journey. Before this year, The Odyssey was a two-person (Cobey Brown and Derek Johnson) unit, calling upon friends and fellow musicians to fill in for concerts. Then, Quinton Hoagland (of Hoarseman; the band’s unofficial, but regular bassist) officially joined as bassist, followed by Kyle Devers on keys and Taylor Goodman on drums. Now that the group is actually a group, they are ready to take a more serious approach to their music.

“I Want You” is the prelude to an album currently in the works — though, unfortunately, the album is still intangible and barely more than a rumor. There is, however, a clue to the upcoming album hidden in the cover art of the new single. Featuring an image of the space shuttle, Cassini, the art hints at the theme of the band’s next cataloged journey.

For those who do not know the story of Cassini, the shuttle was launched on October 15, 1997 to study the planet Saturn. After twenty years of gathering data on the planet, the shuttle exhausted its fuel and was sent on a final mission, plunging into Saturn’s atmosphere on September 15, 2017 and burning to the point of destruction.

The hint, according to the band, lies in that final journey to destruction. (I’m not at liberty to say any more.)

Despite the disappointment of not knowing when to anticipate a new album, there is more to be excited for with this new release — aside from the song itself. A handful of videos will also accompany the single, including some goofy, personality-filled content that will (hopefully) help the band forge a connection with their fans.

Overall, “I Want You” is simply a fun, rock song bemoaning catching feelings for someone too soon after a heartbreak. The back and forth of the lyrics pair with rough, insensitive instrumentals to create an oddly straight-forward rock song. Upon reaching the bridge, the song softens and turns almost apologetic as the narrator accepts the emotions while also continuing to turn the other person away. Then, the mood bounces back for the ending, shifting back into the defensive and almost angry drivel.

Check out The Odyssey on all social media and music streaming sites, and be sure to listen to their new single below:

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