Introducing Tulsa’s Newest Band, Saturdaze

Tulsa has a new band hitting the city, and it’s one with familiar faces. The band, Saturdaze, has played several shows together already – both under this name and as backup for their front-man’s solo project.

Saturdaze began in April of this year. Originally, they came together as backup for front-man Max Spear; however, after playing together, they decided to create a new band that would incorporate their different styles.

Their band name, as unique as it is, didn’t come until July 19. Apparently, each member was just throwing out their ideas, and it was one of the suggestions. Being that it was a lazy mid-summer day, and all of them are huge fans of Saturdays, the name fit.

Their sound is self-described as psychedelic. With varying influences – Max Spears draws from Coldplay, Kyle Broadbooks from Led Zeppelin and jazz music, Ignacio from various 80’s punk bands – (fourth member Noah Roberts was not at the interview) – Saturdaze has yet to track down their specific style. The music tends to take on the persona of whoever happens to be writing it at the time.

Each member has been a part of the Tulsa music scene for some time now. Max has his up-and-coming solo career in piano-driven indie music; Kyle and Noah both sub for several local bands, filling spots on guitar and drums; Ignacio has his project, Wilted.

While none of their music has been recorded, Saturdaze has several hashed out songs that they’ve been working on all summer. rather than focusing on recording the songs, the band has been more interested in booking concerts.

The reason they insist they should master their live performances before they record is because they view the live aspect as the most important. According to them, the live shows are where they’ll gain fans and notoriety – which will, in turn, lead to people actually listening to their songs.

Their stage presence is loose with lots of movement. It isn’t so much as dancing or jumping as it is just moving across the stage. They aren’t afraid to let the music flow through them. This is so that they can constantly keep the attention of their audience.

The band is definitely one to look out for, considering the success of Max Spear’s solo career and the talents of Wilted. Check them out at their first official performance on September 20 at the Vanguard with Alexis Onyango and douglas.

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