Circle Lotus Media debuts a Live! album for the homeless

Circle Lotus Media is debuting an album filled entirely of artists that performed on their show over the last year. The album, CLM Live! Vol. 1, will be available in both digital and physical formats today, July 23rd, and all profits will be donated to the Homeless Alliance in OKC. When the music world wasContinue reading “Circle Lotus Media debuts a Live! album for the homeless”

New from The Others Like Us:

The Others Like Us released their latest EP, Replaceable, on Friday, April 9th. The three-track EP features the previously released “Not Enough” and is the first collection since the full 2019 album And I’m Sorry. As anyone who has read any of the other reviews or interviews done over The Others Like Us is alreadyContinue reading “New from The Others Like Us:”

Ramona and the Phantoms takes over February with “Marmalade & Blood”

Ramona and the Phantoms released their latest album, Marmalade & Blood, on February 14th. Ramona and the Phantoms is the solo project of Kylie Slabby. Created in 2015, the project’s name is actually in honor of Slabby’s dog, Ramona. Marmalade & Blood is the third released album, following Sweet & Low and Always Cherry. TheContinue reading “Ramona and the Phantoms takes over February with “Marmalade & Blood””

Lavish Obituaries: Bring Funk to the Studio

Lavish Obituaries is a recent arrival on the Tulsa scene with only two singles released thus far. Still, with these songs they’ve shown serious promise in groovy, genre-bending experimentation.  Living together as roommates, Cassidy Reed, Nik Natale, and Garrett Steelman formed this group in November 2020. Their fourth roommate, Rebecca Rayon serves as the group’sContinue reading “Lavish Obituaries: Bring Funk to the Studio”

The Evolution of Scatter Girls!

When Scatter Girls! first came onto the Tulsa scene, they went by a different name. In fact, they went by several other names. The noise-punk trio took many shapes before solidifying into its current form, transforming from Folsom Point, to Sinus Pressure, to Safety Patrol, to Canker Sore and finally landing on Scatter Girls!. “TheContinue reading “The Evolution of Scatter Girls!”