Ramona and the Phantoms takes over February with “Marmalade & Blood”

Ramona and the Phantoms released their latest album, Marmalade & Blood, on February 14th.

Ramona and the Phantoms is the solo project of Kylie Slabby. Created in 2015, the project’s name is actually in honor of Slabby’s dog, Ramona. Marmalade & Blood is the third released album, following Sweet & Low and Always Cherry.

The nine-song collection is a series of raw lyrics and echoing emotions. The strange pop grunge sound becomes clear from the very first track, “Âme En Peine,” and continues through to the final track, “Baby Said.” The album is the first to be solely produced by Slabby and was meant to be unique and different from anything else released by this project.

Each song is treated as a diary entry, leaving the melodies saturated in honesty. The sweet, dream vocals paired with the unique music creates an interesting listening experience. Released on Valentine’s Day, you’d expect pretty love songs, but the album is swirling in sweetened sadness. The closest to a typical Valentine song is the pre-released single, “Bisou.” French for kiss, the song is a flowering daydream with nursery rhyme lyrics and sugary vocals.

Slabby’s personal favorite from the album is “Âme En Peine” because “it’s very upbeat and poppy and fun.” Another french title, this one means “suffering soul,” and it lures the listener in under false pretenses of upbeat music. It’s the first track off the album, the first taste the listener gets of Marmalade & Blood, and it leaves a mouthful of happy bitterness.

Listen to the album below and be sure to check out Ramona and the Phantoms on all social media and music streaming sites.

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