Ramona and the Phantoms takes over February with “Marmalade & Blood”

Ramona and the Phantoms released their latest album, Marmalade & Blood, on February 14th. Ramona and the Phantoms is the solo project of Kylie Slabby. Created in 2015, the project’s name is actually in honor of Slabby’s dog, Ramona. Marmalade & Blood is the third released album, following Sweet & Low and Always Cherry. TheContinue reading “Ramona and the Phantoms takes over February with “Marmalade & Blood””

Hugh Glass releases new song, “FJRU”

Hip-hop artist Hugh Glass released his new song, “FJRU,” this morning as a Valentine’s Day treat for his fans. The first single released since “1028” on November 22 of last year, “FJRU” is supposed to be a romantic rap song written as a dedication to the (former) women in his life. The song starts withContinue reading “Hugh Glass releases new song, “FJRU””