Hugh Glass releases new song, “FJRU”

Hip-hop artist Hugh Glass released his new song, “FJRU,” this morning as a Valentine’s Day treat for his fans.

The first single released since “1028” on November 22 of last year, “FJRU” is supposed to be a romantic rap song written as a dedication to the (former) women in his life.

The song starts with a disclaimer of “This ain’t no love song” only to launch into what can only be described as a love song. Spitting words that question the origin of the relationship and give away the artist’s shock of finding himself in this situation, the song quickly delves into the romantic clutches that encircle today’s holiday. Sweet claims like “I could write a book about you” and “girl you’re special, take a look around you” give the mushy, gushy feelings expected from a February song, but the defensive, quick tone keeps the artist from falling into a cliche ditch.

Hugh Glass has an eight-track collection out called Lyrics. Don’t. Matter as well as two previously released songs, “1028” and “Friends.” With a fanbase that spreads all across the U.S., the rapper is well on his way to developing a name for himself, and “FJRU” will only help him attain that goal.

All of his tracks can be found on Spotify below. Be sure to check Hugh Glass out on all social media and listen to his latest single.

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