New album from On Holiday

On Holiday released their new album, Invasion, today, March 5. The album features the singles, “Defund Police,” “Far From Home,” “Steel Reserve,” “21 Days,” and “Ska Song.”

Beginning at the end of October, On Holiday began releasing singles from the album on the last Saturday of the month. For five months, the band hyped up Invasion with the hits and the super cool alien cover art. Now, the day has come for us to have all thirteen songs for thirty-four minutes of fun.

The music hits full force from the start; high-powered pop punk/rock music right in your face. Tackling themes of politics as well as personal feelings of confusion, anger, loss, and frustration, the songs all hold a different meaning meant to be discovered individually. From the angry, political “Defund Police” to the raging, unrelatable “I Miss Winter,” the songs carry different weights and themes with ease.

With a title of “invasion” and the alien aesthetic, it seems as though the main purpose is to invade the listeners with thoughts of doing better, of working on themselves. It’s almost as if the band has attempted to take a step back and come at the problems with an outsider’s perspective — not quite succeeding, of course, but certainly trying. The album is almost a call for everyone to do their part to make this world a better one; though, this may be an effect of last year’s political strife and the lasting impact it has left on Americans as a whole. As many of the songs were most likely written during that time, it is only natural for the strife to rub off on the music.

Still, the album sounds like the perfect rock show. Music to jump to, rage to, yell to — it isn’t difficult to envision Invasion in concert format. When the time comes for everyone to pack concert venues, I fully expect to see people lined up in from of the stage as On Holiday launches into “Far From Home,” jumping off the walls and overall just having a good time.

Check out Invasion below and be sure to follow On Holiday on all social media and music streaming sites.

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