Circle Lotus Media debuts a Live! album for the homeless

Circle Lotus Media is debuting an album filled entirely of artists that performed on their show over the last year. The album, CLM Live! Vol. 1, will be available in both digital and physical formats today, July 23rd, and all profits will be donated to the Homeless Alliance in OKC.

When the music world was launched into disarray, and members of the local scene here in Oklahoma grew agitated and lost, CLM stepped up to produce and facilitate almost weekly livestream events featuring the musicians across the state.

These streamed concerts may have paled in comparison to the in-person ones we were used to attending, but they allowed the community to stay connected with their favorite local bands and gave the musicians an outlet for their pent-up music.

As the world opens back up and concerts return to their in-person nature, CLM has decided to commemorate the strange year by launching a volume of songs recorded during their streams. Partnering with Average Ear, cassette tapes will be available both on their website and in several brick and mortar stores that will be announced by the group on Instagram (so be sure to follow them @circlelotusmedia). Wanting to also give back to the community and use their creation for good, all proceeds will go to the Homeless Alliance in OKC.

The tracklist features fourteen artists from fourteen events this year. You can view it below as well as the dates of their performances:

  1. stepmom – Vampires (Get Lonely Too) [2/28/21]
  2. Manta Rays – Make It On Time [4/23/21]
  3. Dinosaur Boyfriend – Furever [1/22/21]
  4. The Fills – Less Like Heaven [4/30/21]
  5. On Holiday – Wanting More [5/02/21]
  6. Grandpa Vern – Mr. Pres [3/26/21]
  7. Siyla – Hometown Hero [3/05/21]
  8. Don’t Tell Dena – I Guess It’s Time [5/21/21]
  9. BedTime – Roses [3/12/21]
  10. Tyler Sexton – Caroline, Won’t You Be Mine [1/29/21]
  11. Brandon Birdwell – Pull Me Close [4/09/21]
  12. heartspace – text back [2/21/21]
  13. Smokey Motel – I Die [5/07/21]
  14. Hoarseman – Academy Awards [5/16/21]

Some of these songs may be familiar to those of you that keep up with the scene. In fact, a few have even made this site in the past. While the songs themselves aren’t exactly new, the live version gives them a newer spin that should prompt you to listen anyways. The unique production creates an intimate feel that just isn’t found in the original recordings – or sometimes, even in their in-person performances.

CLM is still putting on livestream concerts with various artists from across the state. Check out their Instagram for details about these streams and be sure to tune into one in the future. You can find CLM Live! Vol. 1 both digitally and on cassette; just keep an eye out for announcements on the locations of these physical copies.

Check out their website ( to purchase the album, and be sure to applaud the artists for their performances.

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