“Stella Berry” is the summer-wine single you’ve been waiting for

Mahogany Renee released her first single of the year, “Stella Berry,” today, July 23rd, at 4pm CST. Recorded at Oakwood Studios, the single is the first she has put out since April 2020.

The artist has released a string of singles over the last couple of years, showcasing her talent for easy-listening ballads. Her latest was a four-track EP in 2020 titled Twenty. All four songs give an inside look into a twenty-year-old’s mind, combining sweet with yearning and love with pain.

It appears her strength is turning those hard-to-hear themes into easy-to-listen-to rhythms that won’t leave your mind.

This is especially apparent in her latest single.

“Stella Berry” is clearly a song of unrequited feelings and frustration, yet the feigned apathy in the track does its best to cover it. Calm, almost disinterested vocals pair with an echoing melody designed to tug at your heartstrings as the four-minute song plays. Twisted melancholy gives the simple lyrics a platform; soothing harmonies gives them a spotlight.

You can listen to the song below. Be sure to check out Mahogany Renee on all social media and music streaming sites.

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