The Wild Type premieres their new single “Brand New Face”

“Brand New Face” is the second single from the upcoming EP Thank You, Stranger, set to release on July 23rd, following “Not Tonight Josephine.”

The five-piece indie pop band began in Kansas City, MO, before relocating to Austin, TX. Backed by our friends in Manor Records, The Wild Type has spent the last year adapting what was originally supposed to be a full-length album into an EP containing bits from the unfinished collection. The album, which was to follow the stream of singles and debut EP, Degenerate Matters, was placed on an indefinite hold when the world entered the era of social distance and general economic instability that shook the music industry as a whole.

Despite the derailment of their project and the strange times that caused it, the band has put together a collection that flaunts the unabashed pop persuasion from which the group draws its inspiration. Their new single, “Brand New Face,” serves as a rally cry, an excitement-gathering siren for current and potential fans to hear their call and impatiently await the incoming Thank You, Stranger EP.

The single is a refreshing pop anthem filled with psychedelic confrontations and accusations. The lyrics spin a tale of facades and heartbreaks while the melody merrily brings to mind lights and dancing. Overall, the song is catchy and honest; rather than hiding behind quirky yet overused musical elements, “Brand New Face” embraces its pop inspirations and aims to be the jam played on your next gathering.

You can listen to “Brand New Face” by The Wild Type below. Be sure to check out the band on all social media and music streaming sites, and keep an eye out for the new EP coming on July 23rd.

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