The Evolution of Scatter Girls!

When Scatter Girls! first came onto the Tulsa scene, they went by a different name. In fact, they went by several other names. The noise-punk trio took many shapes before solidifying into its current form, transforming from Folsom Point, to Sinus Pressure, to Safety Patrol, to Canker Sore and finally landing on Scatter Girls!.

“The band would evolve and the name changes came with it,” Scatter Girls! wrote in a joint-email. “The name changes didn’t change our approach to music, they were just a fun side element and a byproduct of the natural evolution of the band’s sound.” 

The band’s perpetual change is perhaps due to the fact that it’s formation was something of an accident. As from the primordial soup rose mankind, Scatter Girls! emerged from an early-morning-too-loud jam session at a friend’s lakehouse. At the time, what they were making was noise, a genre that is the very antithesis of music as most know it.

Recalling that moment, Scatter Girls! wrote, “We would probably not be around had it not been for our friend Solbakk, who heard us jamming on a whim at 3am. We thought nothing of it, but Solbakk asked us to play our first live show with their group at the time, Birds Beak.”

And so, from the loose clay of 3am noise, Scatter Girls! began to sculpt itself, adding a guitar later, and going from complete noise to something of a punk sound. 

The bands members, Natty Watson, Olivia Woodall, and Noah Beal were already close friends, each with their own forays into art and music. The three are members of what could loosely be called the “Cult Love Family” in association with Cult Love Sound Tapes, a Tulsa DIY art, music, and cassette collective. 

Scatter Girls! played more shows and eventually released a split with Tulsa punk band Soaker, called Blonk 281. They currently have a music video in the works, and will release track on the next Cult Love & Friends Compilation tape. 

Now, standing on its own fully-evolved feet, Scatter Girls! is putting out a 7” in conjunction with Tulsa Noise and Peyote Tapes produced with help of Solbakk and mastered by Mateo Gallindo. It will be released on March 5th, 2021. Keep your eyes out, and until then give their music a listen on all streaming platforms. 

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