Don’t Tell Dena and their new single, “Back Out of My Life”

OKC band Don’t Tell Dena released their newest single, “Back Out of My Life” today, February 12. The first release since 2019, the single precludes their upcoming album (date still TBA).

“Back Out of My Life” is a rock ballad pleading for a repeatedly disappearing ex to “get back” of the life of the person they hurt. High powered and frustrated, the vocals give an honest take to the anger. The theme isn’t one to be expected for the upcoming holiday, but the flaming heart and obvious breakup song would serve as the perfect anthem for a Lonely Hearts Club meeting on Sunday.

It’s a fun song meant to build excitement for the upcoming collection. Their video releasing at noon today on YouTube only furthers the rising excitement.

You can watch the video at noon below:

Listen to the single below. Be sure to check out Don’t Tell Dena on all social media and music streaming sites.

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