Lavish Obituaries: Bring Funk to the Studio

Lavish Obituaries is a recent arrival on the Tulsa scene with only two singles released thus far. Still, with these songs they’ve shown serious promise in groovy, genre-bending experimentation.  Living together as roommates, Cassidy Reed, Nik Natale, and Garrett Steelman formed this group in November 2020. Their fourth roommate, Rebecca Rayon serves as the group’sContinue reading “Lavish Obituaries: Bring Funk to the Studio”

The Evolution of Scatter Girls!

When Scatter Girls! first came onto the Tulsa scene, they went by a different name. In fact, they went by several other names. The noise-punk trio took many shapes before solidifying into its current form, transforming from Folsom Point, to Sinus Pressure, to Safety Patrol, to Canker Sore and finally landing on Scatter Girls!. “TheContinue reading “The Evolution of Scatter Girls!”

Tulsa’s Hyperpop Star: Rainbeaux

By: Elizabeth J. Wenger Tulsa-based hyperpop artist Rainbeaux released her second single, “Heart Sparkle Gleam” on January 15th. This song will lead you on a sonic journey from the sugary sparkle of a wand, to a heavy metal interlude.  For sound, Rainbeaux cites a number of other hyperpop artists as inspirations including Fresh Hex, LauraContinue reading “Tulsa’s Hyperpop Star: Rainbeaux”