Tulsa’s Hyperpop Star: Rainbeaux

By: Elizabeth J. Wenger

Tulsa-based hyperpop artist Rainbeaux released her second single, “Heart Sparkle Gleam” on January 15th. This song will lead you on a sonic journey from the sugary sparkle of a wand, to a heavy metal interlude. 

For sound, Rainbeaux cites a number of other hyperpop artists as inspirations including Fresh Hex, Laura Les, Alice Glass and 8485, and Charli XCX. The influence of these artists can be traced in the vocal manipulation, heavy bass, and liberal use of synth in Rainbeaux’s work. 

The saccharine lyrics at the start “I’ve got a crush, a crushed velveteen dress/something I really wanna express/a boy I really wanna impress” are well juxtaposed by the hard-core screaming that comes later, making for a wild and incredible balance to this maximalist number. 

Producing team Beal and Solbakk worked closely with Rainbeaux to craft and shape the song. The two are musicians in their own right; both have been active in the Tulsa music scene for years. Solbakk said that while they always liked pop, it was when Rainbeaux showed them Dorian Electra that their mind really opened to “the type of music that could be made within the pop genre.” They said Electra’s music, especially their 2019 album Flamboyant took them aback with its “insane production, the catchy melodies, and the smart and funny lyrics that flip our binary world on its head.” Intense production and catchiness make their way into Rainbeaux’s singles as well, making “Heart Sparkle Gleam” fit snuggly beside hyperpop masterpieces like Electra’s song “Musical Genius,” or Charli XCX’s hit “Pink Diamond.” 

There is a certain joyousness in Rainbeaux’s music that was well described by Beal who said, “each project I am in feels similar just in (the) spirit of wanting to make cool stuff that can also make you laugh a little without it being a joke.” 

This isn’t to say Rainbeaux’s music isn’t to be taken seriously. Rather, Rainbeaux’s work, like much of the genre she’s a part of, approaches pop with an emphasis on what so many people love about it in the first place: a sense of fun, carelessness, and ease that blasts away the rest of the world. It’s the kind of music that comes as a sweet relief in the era we live in now. In short, Rainbeaux is making absolute bops in a time of absolute crisis. 

When asked if she plans on releasing an album, she replied, “I’m still looking to pump out bangers for now and we shall see where that leads.” 

To get word on the latest Rainbeaux bangers, you can follow her on Instagram @imrainbeaux and Spotify. You can listen to her new single below.

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