New from The Others Like Us:

The Others Like Us released their latest EP, Replaceable, on Friday, April 9th. The three-track EP features the previously released “Not Enough” and is the first collection since the full 2019 album And I’m Sorry.

As anyone who has read any of the other reviews or interviews done over The Others Like Us is already well aware of, the band typically sticks to themes of depression and angst. The personal frustrations at life and lack of sufficient help with mental health are themes and anecdotes many find relatable, so the pressures of finding an audience that can draw parallels to the music are low.

This hasn’t changed with the new EP. Replaceable begins with a concerned phone call from their leading single, “Not Enough,” and it quickly devolves into a rage at a former partner. The next song in the lineup has a mouthful of a title and features growling musings and questions. The finale is “Celebrating Waking Up” and in true 2000s Fall Out Boy fashion, the song starts and ends with a shouted soliloquy filled with self-rage and despair and inner frustration.

Listen to the EP below and follow The Others Like Us on all social media and music streaming sites.

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