Hoarseman releases new single, “Destroy, Destroy”

Today, December 20th, marks the release of Hoarseman’s newest single, “Destroy, Destroy.” The first single since the June EP, Dance Music, the song was recorded with Rose Records and a collection of other people all featured in the Instagram post below. “Destroy, Destroy” is not the angry “destroy all” song you expect it to beContinue reading “Hoarseman releases new single, “Destroy, Destroy””

Hoarseman releases new single “Nostalgia Song”

Hoarseman released his newest single, “Nostalgia Song,” earlier today. The song is the first of the ten-track album, Dance Music, that will be out June 5 of this year. Dance Music will be the fourth album put out by the artist, and it will feature a new sound within a new genre. All ten songsContinue reading “Hoarseman releases new single “Nostalgia Song””

Hoarseman Talks “Notre Dame is Burning”

Not long after Annihilation hit the streets on May 10, Hoarseman began the countdown for his next collection, Notre Dame is Burning, releasing it on July 31. The speed at which he put out his third record (in not quite three months) was already impressive – then, not five minutes after he sat down toContinue reading “Hoarseman Talks “Notre Dame is Burning””

Hoarseman Shifts Focuses in “Annihilation”

Last month, Hoarseman discussed his new album with us – and at midnight, May 10th, Annihilation dropped. The album was described to us as the “annihilation of everything political, environmental, and moral.” It is supposed to be the destruction of the high school version of Hoagland in spite of every attempt to hold on toContinue reading “Hoarseman Shifts Focuses in “Annihilation””