Ben Quad discuss ‘Star Wars’ and future plans

The band, Ben Quad, was nice enough to allow me to ask them just a few questions about how they got started, and the future of the band. Ben Quad consists of Jacob Rhinehart (Bass Guitar, Vocals), Edgar Viverous (Lead Guitar), Sam Wegrynski (Rhythm Guitar) and Isaac Young (Drums). Where did the name “Ben Quad”Continue reading “Ben Quad discuss ‘Star Wars’ and future plans”

Hoarseman Talks “Annihilation”

We met with Quinton Hoagland of Hoarseman and the Heard, the Judges’ Choice Winner of Battle of the Bands, about his upcoming album, Annihilation (coming out May 10th), and the persona he’s created under the name Hoarseman. Starting with the character Hoarseman, Hoagland explained that it spurned from a scrapped musical he had written. Apparently,Continue reading “Hoarseman Talks “Annihilation””