The Vanguard Sells Out for “At Your Own Risk” Release Show

Last night, Saturday, November 16, five local bands sold out the Vanguard in Tulsa. The bands gathered to celebrate the release of Cliffdiver’s second EP, At Your Own Risk, and found themselves playing to a packed room with 400+ people. The night started with Hazelwave. For the band’s first performance, it was fairly impressive. WithContinue reading “The Vanguard Sells Out for “At Your Own Risk” Release Show”

Hoarseman Talks “Notre Dame is Burning”

Not long after Annihilation hit the streets on May 10, Hoarseman began the countdown for his next collection, Notre Dame is Burning, releasing it on July 31. The speed at which he put out his third record (in not quite three months) was already impressive – then, not five minutes after he sat down toContinue reading “Hoarseman Talks “Notre Dame is Burning””