The Noise Estate Discusses New Music and Future Plans

The Noise Estate began in December 2017 and consists of Aaron Oxford (lead vocals), Jacob Richards (bass), Joshua Searan (rhythm guitar and vocals), and Mike Metcalf (lead guitar). (They are currently looking for a permanent drummer.)

The Noise Estate currently has six songs in their recorded catalog – all of which fall within their first EP, Dust on a Shelf. A split with another band, AnchorWay, will soon add an additional two more to the mix, and their second EP, Bad Weather, will come in March 2020.

The band started with Oxford and Searan; apparently, Searan responded to Oxford’s tweet about wanting to be in a band and it escalated from there. The two needled Richards into joining shortly after, and Metcalf closed the gap a few months later.

They wrote their songs in a winery late at night, drawing influences from wine and drugs and pop punk music. Their efforts resulted in the EP, Dust on a Shelf, a collection of songs created from Oxford’s previous experiences with drugs.

While the group is proud of the 2018 EP, Oxford admitted that the songs were outdated. Most of them denoted stories and feelings from almost three years before the EP was released, and nearly all of them were irrelevant to the position in which the whole group currently resides.

Their upcoming March EP, Bad Weather, will be a more accurate portrayal of the band members’ current mindset. It was written to show progress and to “leave the past in the past.”

The title “Bad Weather” is supposed to symbolize going through an eclectic mix of turmoil and then finding a way to move on from it. This is reiterated by the various directions each song takes, according to the band. Rather than sticking with one theme, such as in their previously released collection, the songs tell their own individual stories.

“I feel like… every song is its own little thing, ” says Searan.

Richards, both in agreeance and in defense says, “There’s a transition throughout it.”

From transitions in themes to transitions in genre, the songs will combine multiple sounds. The beginning will apparently have more pop influences and will be followed by progressively more aggressive tracks.

Bad Weather does not have a release date yet, but it will be celebrated on March 14th at the Vanguard; so, expect it by early March, before the release party. It will consist of four songs, including a title track featuring Jared Alva from Undervalued, another Tulsa band.

The Noise Estate has several concerts lined up in the meantime, including:

  • December 9: 89th Street in OKC
  • January 17: The Vanguard in Tulsa
  • January 18: TBA in Alma, Arkansas
  • January 19: TBA
  • February 6: Hunt Club in Tulsa

These dates will be the last before their new stuff is officially added to the set list. Right now, their favorite songs to play live include “Kelly Green” (Oxford), “Blind” (Metcalf), and “Tell Me What You’re Thinking About” (Richards & Searan). These will change when Bad Weather comes out.

From the stories they shared in the interview (all of which are better told by them, in person, so go to a show and ask), their concerts are always fun and eventful.

The Noise Estate also has new online merch coming soon and has joined a partnership with the non-profit, To Write Love on Her Arms. The partnership will lead to a yearly concert at the Vanguard where all proceeds go to the organization.

Be sure to check out The Noise Estate on all social media and music streaming sites. Head out to a concert or listen to their music below:

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