Husbands Release Ode to a Puerto Rican Vacation, “Culebra”

Husbands, an OKC band that self-describes themselves as a “fuzzy pop band that triangulates krautrock, garage, and surf pop harmonies” are releasing their latest single, “Culebra” on November 26.

With a catchy hook and a peppy sound, “Culebra” documents vacationing in Puerto Rico while engaging in deep, serious thoughts on death. A buzzing beat pairs with pensive lyrics, creating a meditative sound.

Subdued vocals prevent emotional overload – the whole song sounds like gray thoughts slipping into the head of someone relaxing by the poolside. The sun seems to fend off most of the darkness, keeping the person contemplative rather than melancholic.

The song itself isn’t sad, despite the serious themes. According to the band, it describes “a meditation on death while on vacation.” If anything, the song sounds like someone waving off bad thoughts buzzing in their head.

This isn’t the first time the band has written songs about vacationing in exotic places. They released a single entitled “Mexico” back in August – and if the song covers are anything to go by, “Mexico” will be considered a part of the same collection as “Culebra,” as well as their October single, “3AM.”

Be sure to listen to “Culebra” when it drops tomorrow, and check out Husbands on all social media and music streaming sites.

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