Brand new from Diva: “Love at Last?”

On Saturday, October 24th, Norman band Diva released their latest single, “Love at Last?”

The song is the fourth scheduled release of 2020, following the September single, “Amina.” Their first EP came out in February of this year, ushering in a new band to the Oklahoma music scene. Despite their newness, Diva has found themselves filling a niche in the OKC scene. Landing reviews from Make Oklahoma Weirder and About the Noise and a series of performances pre-COVID and over the last couple of months, the band has certainly proved themselves as go-getters. Their current catalog shows their music spanning several genres, and the general ease of listening allows them to reach a myriad of music fans.

Earlier promotions of the single included promises of information regarding the band’s second EP (as can be seen below). While we don’t currently have any insight on the upcoming collection, we’ll be sure to share it when it becomes available.

“Love at Last?” has an upbeat tune with sad, resigned lyrics. Questioning love in general and especially in regards to current and past relationships, the song brings to mind a young adult longing for something completely foreign. Despite the somewhat downer of the lyrics, the song itself is bouncy, upbeat; it’s the kind of music that keeps you bouncing on your toes and adds a little jaunt to your walk.

You can listen to the song below. Be sure to follow Diva on all social media and music streaming sites and (safely) attend any of their upcoming performances. Their next performance is at The Union Bar in Oklahoma City on October 30 at 8 pm.

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