Thru It All releases “Irrelevant”

Thru It All, a pop punk band from Oklahoma, has a new song out. Released on Nov. 12, “Irrelevant” is the title track of the band’s upcoming EP.

Thru It All is fairly new to the scene. The band popped up back in July on social media with a series of posts showing off their writing process and hyping up their upcoming EP. Their first single, “interlude,” broke through on Sept. 16 and took the scene by storm, growing their listener and fan base quickly.

“Irrelevant” has all of the telltale signs of a pop punk song. The music is sticky – energetic with a hook that loops in your head. The lyrics are both angry and dejected, switching from inner turmoil to lashed out defense in a matter of seconds. You can just imagine a concert featuring “Irrelevant” – with listeners bobbing along to the beat, banging heads and waving arms on rhythm.

While “Irrelevant” was released last week, the music video was delayed until today. You can watch it below:

If you enjoyed the song, you don’t have to wait much longer for the full EP. It’s set for release on Dec. 3 and will feature “Irrelevant.” You can hear the band discuss their writing process by checking out their Instagram:

Be sure to follow Thru It All on all social media and music streaming sites. Listen to “Irrelevant” below:

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