Catch up with The Danner Party’s latest album: “Ex Nihilo”

The Danner Party released their first collection of songs since 2016 on July 17. The album, Ex Nihilo, contains fifteen songs and includes the two singles, “Don’t Wait Up” and “Ego Death Rattle.”

The Danner Party consists of Pete Hess (guitar and vocals), Zakk Foster (guitar), Ben McCulloch (bass), and Charlie Williams (drums). So far, they’ve released three albums: The Danner Party (March 2015), Namaste Usa (October 2016), and Ex Nihilo (July 2020).

The four year break between their sophomore album and Ex Nihilo can be explained by a series of setbacks and bad luck. Despite this, the band pressed on and continued to create, making their newest album the longest yet at one hour and twenty-four minutes.

Ex Nihilo is fifteen guitar-heavy songs centered around the idea of “ex nihilo, nihil fit,” or “nothing comes from nothing.” A dark, personal sound twists and turns throughout the hour and a half; each track tells its own story, its own tragedy. The first song, “Eupompous Gave Splender to Art by Numbers,” is only music, no lyrics, and it rings in the album. An easy transition into the next song, the whole album follows with each song blending into the next seamlessly.

Check out the album below and be sure to follow The Danner Party on all social media and music streaming sites.

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