Stepmom Releases Fierce New Single, “Damage Control”

stepmom has a new single out today, October 15th, called “Damage Control.” The first single released since the band’s 2020 self-titled album, the song is accompanied by a brand new music video in stop motion animation.

Photo by Madelyn Amacher

Tracked by Alex Larrea, mixed by Chris Self, and mastered by Adam Chamberlain, “Damage Control” is a powerful social commentary on body and self-image. The song is an ode to taking control and repairing the damage done by societal expectations and unrealistic body images. With an energetic melody and confident vocals, “Damage Control” acts as a wake up call for people struggling to fit into a world that refuses to make space.

“Damage Control” is vibrant and powerful, and it is sure to liven up anyone’s playlist. The combination of body positivity and musical talent has proven stepmom’s ability to use their platform for good while also putting out great content.

The music video may be even more impressive than the single. Lead singer and guitarist Lindsey Cox made it her pet project for over a year, having learned stop motion animation from professional Nicole Emmons. Under the guidance of Emmons, Cox completed the shots and sent the video over to Jay Shropshire, lighting director at Tower Theatre, to bring the her vision to life. Shropshire added hand-drawn animations to the video to complete it.

The music video itself is a social commentary on the addictive and manipulative nature of social media; more specifically, it discusses the negative effects of influencer culture and the promotion of unrealistic beauty standards by social media and influencers. You can watch the full video below:

You can listen to the song below. Be sure to follow stepmom on all social media and music streaming sites.

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