Cavern Company Ends October with Crisp New Single, “Slapstick”

Cavern Company released a new single, “Slapstick,” on Friday, Oct. 29.

“Slapstick” is the first single released by the band in 2021. It’s the third in a chain of loose songs put out by the band after their 2019 EP, So This Is Happiness.

“Slapstick” comes to us exactly one year after Cavern Company released their last single, “Vermont”. Followers of the band have most likely already been aware of the song for awhile as it has made the setlist in earlier performances. Cavern Company also announced the single with a sneak peek on all of their social media a week in advance. Interested parties could hear the original demo when pre-saving the single.

The new song has that telltale Cavern Company flair, spinning stories with echoing melodies and uplifting harmonies. Wrapped in windy nostalgia, “Slapstick” begins by highlighting the differences of two people in a relationship. Skillfully articulate lyrics portray a hopeful maturity. Polished melodies capture a rushing whirlwind of life — complete with ups and downs and half a dozen loops that should make you feel dizzy but don’t.

Listen to the single below. Be sure to follow the band on all social media and music streaming sites.

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