The Wild Type premieres their new single “Brand New Face”

“Brand New Face” is the second single from the upcoming EP Thank You, Stranger, set to release on July 23rd, following “Not Tonight Josephine.” The five-piece indie pop band began in Kansas City, MO, before relocating to Austin, TX. Backed by our friends in Manor Records, The Wild Type has spent the last year adaptingContinue reading “The Wild Type premieres their new single “Brand New Face””

New from The Others Like Us:

The Others Like Us released their latest EP, Replaceable, on Friday, April 9th. The three-track EP features the previously released “Not Enough” and is the first collection since the full 2019 album And I’m Sorry. As anyone who has read any of the other reviews or interviews done over The Others Like Us is alreadyContinue reading “New from The Others Like Us:”

True Lions take over March with “Carrot Cake”

Kansas City band True Lions released their single, “Carrot Cake,” today, March 12th. The song follows the single “Communion Day” and is the second off from the upcoming record, The Fempire Strikes Back, set for release in April. Each released single prior to the record will showcase a different member of the group. The first,Continue reading “True Lions take over March with “Carrot Cake””

New album from On Holiday

On Holiday released their new album, Invasion, today, March 5. The album features the singles, “Defund Police,” “Far From Home,” “Steel Reserve,” “21 Days,” and “Ska Song.” Beginning at the end of October, On Holiday began releasing singles from the album on the last Saturday of the month. For five months, the band hyped upContinue reading “New album from On Holiday”

Ramona and the Phantoms takes over February with “Marmalade & Blood”

Ramona and the Phantoms released their latest album, Marmalade & Blood, on February 14th. Ramona and the Phantoms is the solo project of Kylie Slabby. Created in 2015, the project’s name is actually in honor of Slabby’s dog, Ramona. Marmalade & Blood is the third released album, following Sweet & Low and Always Cherry. TheContinue reading “Ramona and the Phantoms takes over February with “Marmalade & Blood””