True Lions take over March with “Carrot Cake”

Kansas City band True Lions released their single, “Carrot Cake,” today, March 12th. The song follows the single “Communion Day” and is the second off from the upcoming record, The Fempire Strikes Back, set for release in April.

Each released single prior to the record will showcase a different member of the group. The first, released on March 5th, was “Communion Day” and it celebrated bassist and vocalist Teri Quinn. (More info below.)

With “Carrot Cake,” the band is celebrating guitarist/vocalist Claire Adams.

“Carrot Cake” is a sweet song dripping in springtime flavor. The lighthearted melody combine with sugary vocals to create a fun and almost silly sound. The images and feelings drawn by the song are of being with loved ones (family or friends) outside on a warm day; everyone has the case of the giggles as they talk over one another, silliness building, discussing carrot cake and other trivial matters.

The all-femme group aim to confront sexism in the music scene. Locally known for confronting fierce subject matter, the band mixes strong and delicate harmonies while inputting quick wit and metaphors into their lyrics. Their clever and playful tunes only make their purpose all the more fun to watch as they take over the scene with music showcasing their personalities.

With spring slipping in and overtaking the cold, we’re in need of some warm, friendly music to accentuate the positive emotions of the season. True Lions has us covered with “Carrot Cake;” the perfect song for the new season.

Check out True Lions on all social media and music streaming sites, and be sure to listen to their new music below. To celebrate the new single, please be sure to watch the video below and dance along.

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