Kodos releases brand new album early

According to promotions, Kodos was supposed to release the brand new album, Just Another Memory, on Friday, October 30th. However, on this cold morning, we wake to find the album available on all music streaming sites. Today’s surprise drop wasn’t the first time the album refused to adhere to the schedule. Originally, Just Another MemoryContinue reading “Kodos releases brand new album early”

Kodos shares a new single, “Champion”

Kodos released their second single of the year today called “Champion.” The song follows their July hit, “oh well,” a gloomy, moody track filled with resignation. “Champion” starts out in a transcendent, echoing manner. Building almost ominously, the song grows more and more intense as it continues. Repetition of “just give it a minute” isContinue reading “Kodos shares a new single, “Champion””