The Long Con debuts with EP “Polarity”

Released Friday, October 16th, Polarity is The Long Con’s official debut. The three-song collection features the entirety of the band’s released catalog.

The band consists of Scott van Egmond (vocals/guitar), Ethan Carr (bass/vocals), Tyron Veeraprame (ukulele), and Andrew Kincaid (drums). Formed at the end of 2019 in Oklahoma City, the band has made it on the Make Oklahoma Weirder Show of the Week list as well as received notoriety as “the depression baby of Tame Impala and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.”

Polarity was recorded as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic; with the pandemic closing concerts, the band decided to use the time to record the music they would otherwise be performing live. The name “Polarity” refers to “a state of constant change and divergence from the past.” According to the band, the songs’ aim is to lift the feeling of alienation from their listeners; rather than playing deeply personal songs, the songs are easily transferrable to others.

Featuring the tracks “Black Lace Lingerie,” “Cutting Close,” and “Hometown,” the EP gives off serious Kings of Leon and The Strokes vibes. Three songs featuring different and relatable themes aimed at helping the listener feel less alone.

“Black Lace Lingerie” starts slow, building itself up into a frenzy. Revolving around time and a pleading desire for patience, the song is a journey coming full circle.

Despite being the shortest by almost a minute, “Cutting Close” is just as chock full of emotions and memorable lines. With a catchy tune that is sure to roll through your mind, the song takes you to the edge, playing along a tightrope and balancing between a mental health crisis and a relationship.

“Hometown” is three minutes of words and melodies tumbling over one another. Centering around the stifling thought of staying in a hometown relationship, the song is emotional and almost desperate to be heard.

All in all, Polarity is memorable and impressively executed. The EP is sure to stick around in the heads of the listeners — a perfect debut for a new-ish band.

Check out The Long Con on all social media and music streaming sites. Be sure to listen to the new EP below.

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