Cavern Company releases breezy new hit, “Vermont”

Cavern Company never fails to release powerful and emotional bops, and their brand new single, “Vermont,” is no exception. The first official single of 2020 (their last being “Every Holiday” from 2019), “Vermont” brings Cavern Company out of their break with an impressive zeal.

Known for their ability to turn a song into both an escapist’s fantasy and a nostalgic daydream, the band has two previously released EPs and a handful of singles. Their last EP, So This Is Happiness, came out in 2019 and was followed by the sad holiday hit, “Every Holiday.” Since then, the group has kept quiet about their works in progress, choosing to spring their newest track at the end of October.

“Vermont” is a song to be listened to with your whole being. With detailed and masterfully crafted lyrics and a melody that is both soothing and uplifting, the song takes you to twirling in a meadow, early summer wind whipping around you, loud and soothing and freeing. It’s both warm and cold, like the changing of the seasons. The lyrics discuss passing time and moments that live forever in your mind while the melody rushes around you, surrounding you, lifting your spirits before gently bring you back down.

Check out the new single below and be sure to follow Cavern Company on all social media and music streaming sites.

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