The Long Con debuts with EP “Polarity”

Released Friday, October 16th, Polarity is The Long Con’s official debut. The three-song collection features the entirety of the band’s released catalog. The band consists of Scott van Egmond (vocals/guitar), Ethan Carr (bass/vocals), Tyron Veeraprame (ukulele), and Andrew Kincaid (drums). Formed at the end of 2019 in Oklahoma City, the band has made it onContinue reading “The Long Con debuts with EP “Polarity””

Catch up with The Danner Party’s latest album: “Ex Nihilo”

The Danner Party released their first collection of songs since 2016 on July 17. The album, Ex Nihilo, contains fifteen songs and includes the two singles, “Don’t Wait Up” and “Ego Death Rattle.” The Danner Party consists of Pete Hess (guitar and vocals), Zakk Foster (guitar), Ben McCulloch (bass), and Charlie Williams (drums). So far,Continue reading “Catch up with The Danner Party’s latest album: “Ex Nihilo””

New from Dire Gnome:

OKC band Dire Gnome put out their new album, Oversteeped and Understrained, yesterday, October 10. The band consists of Nathan Retherford (vocals and guitar), Krisha Retherford (bass), and Kenny Holloway (drums). They have one previously released album, Homebrew, from last year (January 2019). Oversteeped and Understrained continues the story started in Homebrew. Using elements fromContinue reading “New from Dire Gnome:”

Channel 13’s “Nights Like This” is the official soundtrack for all night drives

Channel 13 released their first EP, Nights Like This, today, September 18. The EP follows their August single, “Place I’m Missing,” and includes two other tracks. The indie pop duo is known for their ability to create brilliant night soundtracks, and the new EP showcases this. Each of the three songs establishes an echoing andContinue reading “Channel 13’s “Nights Like This” is the official soundtrack for all night drives”

stepmom debuts new music

On Saturday, September 5, stepmom shared their debut album with the world. Self-titled, the twelve-track production includes the three previously released singles, “Paper & Wax,” “Party People,” and “Vampires.” To ring in their new music, the band performed at a socially distanced concert at Scissortail Park on Friday, September 4. Uncovering Oklahoma took some picturesContinue reading “stepmom debuts new music”