The Classless release emotional, engaging EP

   From the opening moments of “Try Not to Panic, Pt. 2” by The Classless, there is an unquestionable sense of intrigue. A slow plucking acoustic guitar introduces the first track, “Hindsight,” a tale of running away with someone. As the music swells, the tale sours. The relationship seems to have gone south. Resentment andContinue reading “The Classless release emotional, engaging EP”

Spotless Mind mix up style on new release

   Self proclaimed “eclectic punk” band, Spotless Mind, broke onto the Tulsa scene in 2018 with their self-titled debut EP.  Less than a year later, the band has come back with their second EP, “A Matter Of Opinion.”    This release finds the band shifting away from the soundscape of their debut. Originally boasting aContinue reading “Spotless Mind mix up style on new release”

The Odyssey’s “Stormcoming “EP is a Breath of Fresh Air

Local Oklahoma band, The Odyssey, has come out with their first EP, Stormcoming. The EP features six tracks, each fulfilling the title’s vibe. Each song shows the range and duality of what the band is capable of when it comes to the writing of their music. With a definite mixture of musical influences including aContinue reading “The Odyssey’s “Stormcoming “EP is a Breath of Fresh Air”

Lilac Kings’ “Goodnight” proves band’s sheer talent

   Insanely catchy hooks, well-crafted lyrics, and incredible raw talent. These are the first thoughts that come to mind when asked about Lilac Kings, a post-hardcore band that has begun to turn a lot of heads in the local music scene. “Goodnight,” the band’s first studio album, releases February 8.    An album of thisContinue reading “Lilac Kings’ “Goodnight” proves band’s sheer talent”

Goodfella’s “We’re All Attached to Something” Might Be Their Best Yet

We’re All Attached to Something is an EP by Goodfella that was released in September 2018. In celebration of their recently posted music video for one of the songs off of the EP, “I Can Feel This Coming,” and their upcoming mini tour, I decided to share my thoughts on the four-track list.