Goodfella’s “We’re All Attached to Something” Might Be Their Best Yet

We’re All Attached to Something is an EP by Goodfella that was released in September 2018. In celebration of their recently posted music video for one of the songs off of the EP, “I Can Feel This Coming,” and their upcoming mini tour, I decided to share my thoughts on the four-track list.

From the opening song, “Hopeless,” to the fourth and final, “Write It Off,” the sound consistently follows a similar style. Each track is drum heavy, the other instruments merging together to form a cohesive complement, with a confident vocalist finishing off the melody using catchy, relatable lyrics.

The music has all of the telltale pop punk makings: quick tempos, catchy choruses, and killer hooks. The whole collection is an easy listen; it’s the kind of music to be left on repeat.

The band plays enthusiastically, a sentiment echoed in their live performances (this is based on the show I saw on October 30, 2018). It’s easy to envision the members with smiles on their face – their strong emotional attachment is woven into the chords and harmonies. Sincerity echoes in the vocals as the singer projects emotion in his piece.

Though the song titles might not scream “positivity,” the lyrics actually follow an optimistic theme. Each song seems to promote inner strength with lines like “I’ll try to concentrate/give myself a little faith” and “I’m just trying to be someone that I don’t hate.”  There’s a little seed of hope hidden in each list of words that keeps the tone upbeat and positive.

Progressing from the “Hopeless” mentality in the beginning, the EP discusses the transition from being in a situation that feels never-ending to taking the first step out of it. “Lost and Found” introduces the thought, the urge to change for the better. “I Can Feel This Coming” is the climax, the moment where change begins and life looks up. Finally, “Write It Off” is the “screw-you” of the collection; it’s the moment where the only thing that matters is the self-improvement, the “glow-up.”

The songs themselves give off an earnest impression as the band attempts to revive a genre declining in popularity. Pop punk, though my personal favorite, has seen a decrease in listeners over the years as other genres shoved their way to the top. Goodfella, however, embodies the style completely and seems to be heavily influenced by bands that have made great strides within the category (i.e. State Champs, The Story So Far, and Mayday Parade).

In comparison to their former albums, the sound of We’re All Attached to Something is much more refined. It’s also not quite as heavy; Don’t Blink, their former album released in 2016, is the much darker older sibling. While the lyrics follow a similar path of optimism mixed with angst, the music itself is grittier and angrier.

Goodfella shows a lot of growth in their latest release; a lot of the darker themes found in their earlier works seem to have resolved themselves. The conflict is still there, keeping listeners on their toes, but it’s less hate and more of a reflection on the individual’s outlook on life.

Check out Goodfella on all social media and music streaming sites. Watch their new music video below, and make sure to catch them in concert some time. Goodfella will be at the Vanguard in Tulsa tomorrow, February 2, playing a benefit for a local photographer (Parker Coffman – AKA Fear the Locals).

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