The Classless release emotional, engaging EP

   From the opening moments of “Try Not to Panic, Pt. 2” by The Classless, there is an unquestionable sense of intrigue. A slow plucking acoustic guitar introduces the first track, “Hindsight,” a tale of running away with someone. As the music swells, the tale sours. The relationship seems to have gone south. Resentment and unhappiness builds, as  the narrator realizes this was a bad idea in hindsight.

   Creativity in storytelling and music creation defines The Classless’ indie rock/pop-punk sound. Released early 2019, part two of their “Try Not to Panic” EP series is pumped full of tracks as engaging as the opener.

   This songwriting works excellently in tandem with the stellar production.  Every song feels properly mastered and everything sounds clean and distinguished. When dissecting smaller artist, poor production is typically part of the package, not due to the band’s inability, but because of having a low overall budget. Yet here, this is not a problem. The guitars are crisp, the drums are punchy and the vocals sit in a perfect place in the mix. Not once do the vocals seem too washed out or overbearing.

   “Do What You Need To” is a bouncy sing-along that tackles the futile attempt to hold onto a dying relationship. “The version of us that I miss so much/gets further and further away” perfectly encapsulates the sentiment of this song. The direct contrast of a cleaner vocal style with a more strained delivery further demonstrates the turmoil that is being felt by the narrator.

   While each of the six tracks are well worth mentioning, one final highlight is the lead single for the EP, “20S and 30S.” A quintessential love song, pledging one’s life and soul to another. The narrator practically comes off masochistic, as details describes burning oneself and being a “dog tied up” by a significant other’s love are revealed. This intimate profession of passion feels personal, almost too personal to be hearing. Couple this with the dynamic instrumentation that swells as if the audience is there while the narrator tells their partner all of these things.

   Wrapping up on this track, both the narrator and the audience end emotionally tattered. Every second of “Try Not To Panic, Pt. 2” is skillful, introspective and powerful. A wonderful release all the way through.

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