Ben Quad discuss ‘Star Wars’ and future plans

The band, Ben Quad, was nice enough to allow me to ask them just a few questions about how they got started, and the future of the band. Ben Quad consists of Jacob Rhinehart (Bass Guitar, Vocals), Edgar Viverous (Lead Guitar), Sam Wegrynski (Rhythm Guitar) and Isaac Young (Drums). Where did the name “Ben Quad”Continue reading “Ben Quad discuss ‘Star Wars’ and future plans”

Retrospective look at BRONCHO’S “Just Hip to Be Woman”

   With the release of their sophomore album, “Just Enough Hip to Be Woman,” BRONCHO obtained their first minor hit with “Class Historian.” This quintessential indie-rock song evokes the warm embrace of summer and coupled with an infectious melody, this track officially put the band on most people’s radar. As the album turns five thisContinue reading “Retrospective look at BRONCHO’S “Just Hip to Be Woman””

SATURN hits perfect balance in new EP

  Despite their smaller size, SATURN is a band that has been kicking since 2003, releasing two full length albums, with a follow-up EP in 2018. “Stomping Grounds” is a fascinating release that packs a bit more of a punch than their previous albums.   SATURN is typically a fairly ominous band. Whether this isContinue reading “SATURN hits perfect balance in new EP”

The Classless release emotional, engaging EP

   From the opening moments of “Try Not to Panic, Pt. 2” by The Classless, there is an unquestionable sense of intrigue. A slow plucking acoustic guitar introduces the first track, “Hindsight,” a tale of running away with someone. As the music swells, the tale sours. The relationship seems to have gone south. Resentment andContinue reading “The Classless release emotional, engaging EP”