Channel 13’s “Nights Like This” is the official soundtrack for all night drives

Channel 13 released their first EP, Nights Like This, today, September 18. The EP follows their August single, “Place I’m Missing,” and includes two other tracks.

The indie pop duo is known for their ability to create brilliant night soundtracks, and the new EP showcases this. Each of the three songs establishes an echoing and introspective mood, perfect for driving under city lights.

The nighttime reflection begins with “Night Falls.” Speaking reassuringly to hesitation, the song dives into the beginnings of a new relationship. With gentle reminders to stop fighting feelings, the request to move on is painted clearly with the airy vocals and smooth music.

“Place I’m Missing” follows with a quicker pace and a nostalgic vibe. A theme of “take me back” contrasts with the leading track’s request to move on; the song reflects on people, places, and feelings that are missed with a lighthearted yearning that excludes the usual pain usually associated with this topic.

“Alone Together” ends the EP with a love song leading from the new to the forever. The song ties the former tracks together with a retrospect of the relationship, inserting the themes from the other two while keeping the positive feelings unique to “Alone Together.” Sweet lyrics pair with smooth, spinning music, the night drive turning from a reflection to a vision of a hopeful future.

Channel 13’s Nights Like This tops off the collection of singles the duo has built with a cohesive arc. The EP is perfect for driving alone or with someone special and is sure to be played on repeat in any arena.

Check out Channel 13 on all social media and music streaming sites. Be sure to listen to the EP below.

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