New from Dire Gnome:

OKC band Dire Gnome put out their new album, Oversteeped and Understrained, yesterday, October 10.

The band consists of Nathan Retherford (vocals and guitar), Krisha Retherford (bass), and Kenny Holloway (drums). They have one previously released album, Homebrew, from last year (January 2019).

Oversteeped and Understrained continues the story started in Homebrew. Using elements from real life and mixing it with a fantasy world created by the band, the music blurs reality with fiction as it tells the tale. Each song makes the perfect backdrop for any activity that involves imagination, a trait fostered by the creative sounds.

The band’s Spotify bio includes the full story/explanation for the albums. The gist is that the albums tell the tale of a fictional gnome fending off an evil being as it takes over his body and destroys his world. An unconfirmed opinion of the album is that it takes a fantastic approach to societal pressures, blending story with actuality. An escapism tale balancing between reverie and reality, the music correlates with the differing sides, blending genres as well as themes.

Check out the album below and be sure to follow the band on all social media and music streaming sites.


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