cursetheknife releases the first part of an upcoming collection

cursetheknife is back with new music. Thank You for Being Here, Pt. 1 is the first part of an upcoming collection and features five songs. To celebrate, the band is dropping limited cassettes and merch with New Morality Zine.

Thank You for Being Here, Pt. 1 starts with what sounds like an old television set or record player and then launches into the beautiful melody that is “Intro.” Sounding like a symphony, the track is unexpected and very much welcomed as it launches into a strangely nostalgic and inclusive melody. It ends with a dial tone and drops into the next song.

Following is “Feeling Real,” and suddenly, it’s rock again. This five minute song contains all of the familiar elements of rock, including the clash and growl of instruments as the vocalist croons along. With its echoing cries, begging to “feel real,” the track quivers on the edge of consciousness and blurry emotions, a pleading call for

“Pissing Off The Neighbors” is a distorted, wavering track meant to be played louder and louder until it drowns out everything else around you — and, as the title states explicitly, until it pisses off the neighbors. It isn’t hard to get lost in this song as it rushes over, filling your head with its cohesively conflicting music.

At almost exactly six minutes, “Low” is the longest of the five-song collection — and it doesn’t feel at all like it. Darkly invigorating, the song spins its tale, circling around and around at a dizzying rate, until it echoes off into the abyss and leads into the final track on the list.

“Filter” bookends the collection with a feeling much like shouting into the raging wind. The music sounds like wind surrounding you as you shout your feelings, unheard but free. It’s not quite an uplifting end, but it certainly feels like a weight lifted; the song feels like letting go.

Check out the new music below and be sure to follow cursetheknife on all social media and music streaming sites. Also, check out New Morality Zine for cool music and new releases.

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