Cliffdiver drops an exciting new track, “Gas City”

Cliffdiver released their single, “Gas City,” today — or, as it’s known to the band, “Do You Remember When You Hit that Absolutely Disgusting Variable Kickflip Behind the Gas City Indiana EZ Mart in 8th Grade?” (“Gas City” rolls off the tongue a bit better, though, so I see why they shortened it.)

The single features Daniel Basden of When the Clock Strikes, and it is the first released song with Briana Wright, the newly announced co-lead singer of Cliffdiver. It was premiered to the public on Wednesday morning on The Edge Tulsa, and it had already surpassed a thousand streams before noon today — an incredible feat for the local band and one that was definitely deserved.

“Gas City” is a positive track centering around “gas[sing] up” friends — or, encouraging friends so that they don’t give up. Coming from a band that frequently discusses mental health in their songs, the song comes at a similar topic from a different perspective. Rather than discussing personal issues, the track calls on listeners to check up on their friends and support them. As an added bonus, “Gas City” also showers listeners with love and support from the band.

(Considering Cliffdiver’s notoriety for supporting musical talents both in their local scene and in the overall DIY scene across the country, the theme isn’t too surprising.)

With the wonderful sax playing that generally draws attention to the band, as well as the amazing vocals of Joey Duffy and Briana Wright, the song has all of the elements for which the band is known and more. Upbeat, encouraging, and an overall great listen, “Gas City” might just be the band’s best song to date.

Check out Cliffdiver on all social media and music streaming sites, and be sure to listen to the new song below.

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