Charlotte Bumgarner’s “Honey Touch”

Tulsa singer-songwriter Charlotte Bumgarner released her single, “Honey Touch,” on Friday, December 11th.

Charlotte Bumgarner has been an active member of the Tulsa scene for about 2-3 years performing both as a solo artist and as a member in the band Graveyard Party. She specializes in “quiet music,” encouraging her listeners to lean in close and hear the music.

Over the last couple of years, Bumgarner has worked to expand her released catalog. With Graveyard Party, she has the self-titled EP Graveyard Party and the 2020 single, “Lady Lazarus.” For her solo career, precluding “Honey Touch” is her single, “where are you,” and her EP, night blooming flowers.

“Honey Touch” is a brief, honey-sweet single showcasing Bumgarner’s lilting voice. Soft vocals trill over the quietly memorable melodies; deeply emotional, the song creates a yearning feeling that can be felt even after the end. Sounding like an emo folk song, the track is unique and transcends its brief duration of less-than-two-minutes.

The single was first released by Bumgarner in the spring of 2020 as part of an acoustic set for RSU Radio before the artist signed with Manor Records. Rumor has it that the single is meant to kick off a three-track single series, closely followed by a debut album; so, be sure to keep up with her and check it out.

You can find Charlotte Bumgarner on all social media and music streaming sites. Listen to her new single, “Honey Touch,” below.

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