New from: The Blue Hues

The Blue Hues released their latest single, “Happy As Can Be,” today, December 18th.

From Tulsa, The Blue Hues describe themselves as a “jazz inspired synth pop band.” Precluding this new single, the band released both an album, Plastic Jazz, and an earlier demo single, “The Charade,” in August of this year. All are available on all music streaming sites.

Beginning with a plucky beat, the track takes you through a performance filled with the pretense of smiles and upbeat sadness. Dramatic, “Happy As Can Be” sounds like it belongs in a musical; wavering between “woe is me” and “look how happy I can be,” the song effectively tells a story of pretending to be happy when anything but. It’s over-the-top and dramatic like a soliloquy but with a humorous spin.

All in all, “Happy As Can Be” is a wildly enjoyable, upbeat tune guaranteed to make you feel something.

You can listen to “Happy As Can Be” below, and be sure to follow The Blue Hues on all social media and music streaming sites.

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